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Time for a tea?


Time is a subjective matter… Of course. Before coming in Kerala, i did not know how much time is also a cultural matter. Sometime it seems that most of the indian people i meet are living in a completely different time…

Punctuality is the most obvious difference. Basic punctuality. As long as you come no more late than how much time is needed to drink a tea, you’re not late. It used to turn me mad. My western mind was feeling litteraly insulted by accumulated delays, and careless excuses provided for systematic late arrivals.

Then i learned… Time spent waiting is not lost time, it’s free time. Time to enjoy a tea…

The person i have to meet comes late, but stay late also, always take the time for a talk before starting the work, then always the extra time for a tea when the work is done… We’ll be late for our next meeting, both of us, and no one will complain.

Thus i learned… Plan less meetings in a day, drink more tea, make more friends.

Project will take more time, and so what? Destination does not matter, life is all spent in the journey… Have a nice journey, take your time.

What is a day? What is a month? What is a year?

Different everywhere.

And then there are all the times when people are not only late… They just don’t show at all… But this is another story:

What is tomorrow?

Indian tea

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  1. Yellon toomten permalink

    You must have been adapted till now.. Indian time is different from other’s…:)

    • I’m not a traveller really, my coming to India is a kind of accident, in fact I followed my wife. She is in love with India, I am in love with my wife 😉 Yet, I guess I’m adapting not so bad. I guess also that every place, every city has its own time, as a major part of its identity. The trick to adapt is to leave your own time at home, and thus accept to go trough some change in your own identity.

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