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Poor, thus creative



Poor, thus creative.

I am aware that this title can be misleading. I have never been actually poor,
financially speaking. Born a white man, in Paris, France, from an upper middle
class family, i have obviously been given better cards than the vast majority of
the people on Earth. Despite being settled in India, i still don’t believe in
anything like reincarnation, so i don’t think that these good cards have
anything to do with a virtuous previous life. So, i am not proud of my good
cards, i am not ashamed either, i am not responsible for this injustice of being
born the opposite of a dark skinned low cast poor woman of India’s backcountry.
The sad thing being that this woman would probably believe in reincarnation, and
thus be more or less convinced that she deserves her so unlucky, painful fate.

Don’t be ashamed or proud if you are lucky, but you’d better be aware of it.
Because luck is a capricious lover, and it’s been seen too many times that one
can loose everything with the best cards in hand. Luck should be respected and
fully enjoyed as long as it last. After witnessing some of the saddest corners
of India, i am more than ever grateful to Lady Chance. Too many don’t know their
luck. Look around… Most of us, surfing the net, blogging on computers, are so
fortunate that complaining is a shame, and a damn waste of joy!

Then, poor, thus creative.

Except for the richest of the richest, you’re always poor to someone else.
Without being poor, our budget to achieve our dream resort was limited, with
almost no possibility of expansion. Who would give a loan to some young French
folks without qualification, trying to built a resort in India? Not me… Or a
very costly one.

Limitations are good in art. In life also, often. Limits and obstacles force you
to be creative, to find new ideas, new ways. When i was a painter, i used to set
some rules whenever i was lacking inspiration. Rules like restricting the choice
of colors, or the size of the brush, or the kind of technique, shape or
whatever… It would get me started, push me to take risks, explore new

Same in architecture, or design. Unlimited budget would be nice, sure, but also
dangerous. It would be tempting to take the easy way, buy a lot of very
beautiful expensive antiques or famous designer’ furniture… And give up a large part of the problem solving game which is the main engine of any creative process.

I am convinced that the limited budget as largely benefited our resort. We have
replaced money by ideas, nice details, sleek minimalistic design and the
priceless advantage of a distinctive style.

So… Poor, thus creative.

I am not really sure why i started writing this blog in English. I am French, i
have done long university literature and philosophy studies. In this former
life as a student i have read a lot, and written a scary high pile of
unpublished novels. My French is by very far richer and more sophisticated than
my English. My English is poor, sadly. Hopefully it will rise creativity…

Here, in India, i communicate mostly in English, that’s probably why it feels
natural to tell the story in English, even poorly. That’s who i am here, an
expatriate expressing himself in a foreign language, dropping the mask of my
sophisticated French and having to work out new ways to present myself and share
my thought with people around. A different language makes you a different person,
better or worse i don’t know, probably just different.

Yet, i might switch to French, for one post or two, or more. If i do it, i think
i might feel like a lottery winner. Past the first excitement, i would probably
find myself sitting on a chair, dazed, haggard, wondering:

“What the hell will i do with all these words?…”





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  1. It seems like the entire world is blogging in English. I follow one French blog, but I have a hard time reading it. My French is 30 years outdated. I found it curious that you chose English, since French are often language snobbish. But I think you just have a MUCH larger audience in English, at least at this time.

    I love your content, and I will be coming back, and it’s not so you follow me. I really enjoy your thoughts.

    • Merci Norbert. I communicate daily in English with almost everyone, so… Got used to it. And yes, larger audience, surely…

  2. Thank you much for writing it in English! “Poor, thus creative…” there is strong resonance in this!

  3. Thanks a lot. I ll try to carry on in English 😉

  4. Maybe rediscover yourself in English, non? Bonne chance :)!

  5. When doing crafts, I find I am most creative when means and materials are limited. Being poor can be good for us. Thank you for writing in English. You express yourself very well.

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