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So, one day, I decided to be happy. (1)


I decided to be happy


I realize how this statement might sound, or rather look. This is not some personal development or guru-style advertisement… This is truly the beginning of the story, some twenty, or even twenty-five years ago, when absolutely nothing could let anyone suppose that I could be here, today, somewhere in South India, listening to the waves in the middle of the night.

So, it’s a long story, too long to be told in one night. For today, only the very beginning, the rest will  follow later, piece by piece, like small stones on the path.

We could say that it all started in a rich neighbourhood of Paris, when I was around thirteen years old; when I realized that all these Christian stories I had been raised with, were not satisfying enough as an explanation for the world around me. An old school priest would probably say that I was reading too many books, and not enough the Bible… Correct, in fact I was reading a lot of books, and never the Bible. And reading has this power: it brings more questions than answers.

From this young age, i filled myself with questions. In two years, almost all the main philosophical questions were settled in my head. Finding satisfying answers would take me 10 years of painful, dedicated, alienating quest…


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  1. Yet it’s the quest for answers that drives us forward and books are inspirations, To keep going when we come across even more questions right?

  2. To be honest, Andy, this journey into books, looking for answers, was a stage in my life. In fact, I finally found the answers I was looking for. I read lot less now. If you are kind enough to wait for the rest of my story, you’ll see what a big step it was for me to leave my books and step into the world.

  3. I can relate…. after a whole lot of seeking, simplicity arrives, reading life and less books…

  4. I don’t blame books, i love them and encourage my young daughter to read as much as possible. But books are as everything in life, they need some kind of moderation. Anything that takes all your time and attention, cutting you from the world, is an addiction.

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