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Blog Awards

Hi everyone. I have been honored with two Blog Awards… Cool.

Well, considering the exponentiel chain system of these awards, I knew it would one day or the other fall into my mail box ;). Yet, it came soon and twice, so thank you very much to Jolandi and “A” (she signs “A”) for thinking about my new baby blog.

After some hesitations and a lot of procrastination, I decided that I would not be the one to break the chain. Time consumming and obviously quite artificials, these awards are also a great way to bring some visibility to new blogs. I have to chose 26 (!) blogs to nominate, I’ll be happy if this can help them a little, and take of course absolutely no offense if they decline the award (I seriously considered the option).

First of all, go check these two nice blogs, I am following them myself and they are a pleasure to read:

She kindly nominated Les3elephants for The Very inspiring Blogger Award:
She kindly nominated Les3elephants for The Liebster award:

The rules are quite similar, yet there are a little more rules for the Liebster…


Announce your win with a post. Show the award logo (not mention for the Liebster, but why not…)



Show the link to the blogger who nominated you. Done

Nominate 15 (11 for the Liebster) deserving bloggers. (you can’t nominate the one who nominated you…) Better to chose small blogs, makes more sens. Inform them that you have nominated them.

Tell 11 things about yourself (7 for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award). Here I cheat a little by doing it once for both awards…

Then, for the Liebster: answer to 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominate.

Here we go:

11 questions from . Original questions in French, I translate approximately:

1 When did you decide to do your blog?

Can’t tell the exact moment… It was in the air since very long I think, then, at one point, it touched the ground… About one month ago…

2 Do you watch a lot of other blogs?

Since I am new to this, yes, I check as many blogs as possible. I suppose that the selection will come later, automatically, like sediments on the bank of the river.

3 What do you think about cod (cabillaud) disappearing from the oceans?

Well, to be honest, it’s not a permanent concern for me ;)… Yet, it is not a good news either… And sadly just a part of a too long ever expending list.

4 What secret (inavouable) shameful thing do you like to do?

Hmmm… among many such things… it has to be something my wife already knows about (she reads this blog 😉 )… I like to listen to ultra cheesy french songs, especially when I am alone in may car. “Vous les femmes” from Julio Iglesias being one of my favorite… I know, ultra cheesy.

5 Did you like the last book you read?

These days, I am reading all the best comics series of the last twenty years. I am currently into Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, and it’s absolutely amazing. Read it.

6 A work of art that has left its mark on you?

Easy. Blue self-portrait from Van Gogh that is in the Impressionist Gallery of the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. I was a teenager. A life changing shock.

7 Your favorite movie?

Difficult. So many masterpieces… I love David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

8 A character trait that you particularly dislike?

Lack of humor in general and specially lack of self-mockery ability.

9 Rather cat, dog or snake?


10 Describe a hilarious situation you have been involved in.

Sorry, I have to use my joker on this one, I have really no idea…

11 Do you really think this eleventh question is useful?

Yes, I think it’s absolutely necessary, because I consider that it is the extra one that allowed me to use a joker on the previous question.

11 personal things:

1 I don’t like much telling personal stuff about myself

2 I have a small stylized snowflake tattooed on my chest. I like my life on the beach, but I miss snow very much.

3 I have played every generation of video games since the first “pong” (I have lot less time now but I still manage to play the two or three best games of the year)

4 I really don’t like talking on the phone

5 I wear lungis at home (kind of South Indian sarong for men)

6 I refuse to practice yoga, even if everyone around me insist that I should (the more they insist, the more I refuse!)

7 I love my Ipad more than I should

8 I call my daughter Caramel when she is nice, and Crapou when she is naughty.

9 I like chocolate, almost any kind…

10 I don’t watch sad movies

11 I hope I will not quit blogging after a few months ;0)

11 questions:

1 How did you sleep last night?

2 Do you remember your dreams?

3 Don’t you think that pink is a misunderstood color?

4 Where do you dream to go?

5 Why don’t you go there?

6 Why is there something rather than nothing?

7 What is your secret?

8 Shouldn’t I be swimming in the sea rather than asking you all this annoying questions?

9 Does the truth always come out of children’s mouths?

10 Do you believe in clouds?

11 Does every question really deserve an answer?

I follow many blogs, but selecting 26 is a large number and a difficult task. They might not be all small or new, some might have already received the award or expressed that they don’t wish to receive any… So I apologize in advance, and just mention that they are all sincere, inspiring, and worth at least a few minutes of your precious time:

Liebster Award: (written nowhere that you can’t nominate for another award 😉 )

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Ok, this took me an eternity… But nothing is like the satisfaction of a work properly done… Oh no, I still have to inform everyone! ;(

So, thanks again to Jolandi and “A” (tell me your name please, just to know 😉 ), and thank you to everyone who takes time to read me, like and send nice comments. See you soon for some more 3 elephants related posts.

  1. oh!! i am very proud with this nomination!!!
    thanks a lot!
    but, i done it one time and it tooks me too much time in french, so you can imagine in inglish!!! 😛
    but thanks very much!!!

    • vous pourriez le faire en francais, mais ceci dit, j’y ai passe toute la soiree… alors je comprends 😉

  2. Thank you for the nomination.Yay!

  3. Thank you too for the nomination ! After

  4. bonbaiserfromlondon permalink

    Sorry! my name is Amandine! and thank you for the inspiring award thing… !

  5. Very honored. Thank you. Can you tell us more about that Very Inspiring Blogger Award @ Cheers.

  6. We’re rookies in blogging 😉

    • En fait, non, je ne peux pas vraiment vous en dire plus, je l’ai reçu comme je vous l’ai décerné. C’est une sorte de chaîne… Voici de lien de celle qui me l’a donné, ses infos sont peu-être un peu plus claires. Je suis débutant moi aussi 😉

  7. Thank you. I am honoured. Currently I am not in a position to do justice to the rules of the award. Without meaning and disrespect I would, politely, like to decline. I hope you will forgive me. I will be visiting the other blogs you have nominated as they are bound to be unique.

    • You are forgiven, of course. As I mentioned, I have seriously considered declining myself, and I am not sure I’ll do this award thing if it comes to me again 😉

  8. Merci pour la nomination, je la garde au chaud et y répondrais sûrement dès que j’aurais le “temps” d’y réfléchir sérieusement.

  9. Thank you for nominating me! 🙂 Congrats for your two awards as well!

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